Who we are

iDEAL Rent is a SaaS platform with patented technology, created to power businesses wishing to sell sustainable mobility solutions. Our white label B2B2C platform is designed for Automotive, Insurance, Finance and Energy companies wanting a turnkey business and technology solution enabling car subscription sales. iDEAL Rent guides and supports sellers throughtout the entire process, allowing companies to effciently and digitally engage with its own customers while creating new offerings and revenue streams.

Our values

iDEAL Rent translates its company values​ into innovative services and solutions for all its customers.
We are bold, resilient and believe “impossible is nothing.” We believe that no challenge is too big and every problem has a solution. We set ambitious growth targets for the company and for ourselves and work relentlessly to improve results.
We believe in the power that comes from a positive and collaborative work environment, where everyone participates in mutual success. We give and provide feedback to continually improve how we work together: only by rowing strongly in the same direction, team members can achieve good results, for themselves and for iDEAL Rent.
We firmly believe in the importance of exploring new ways of doing things to achieve ever better outcomes for our customers. We believe learning never stops and we strive to continually improve every customer touchpoint. We focus on innovating what we do and how we do it. Customer Centric
We put our customers at the center of all that we do aiming to delight them with best customer experience. We focus on providing helpful, useful and easy-to-use services, always remaining friendly and professional. We listen to our customers and learn from their feedback. Responsible
We take responsibility for our work and how it impacts the environment and the community. We are fully accountable for our professional growth and commit to work with dedication and focus. We take time to reflect on our work and what we can do to improve. We take action, learn from our challenges and from each other, and always give our best.